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A few shots of the Band whilst playing at Crownhill Fort on Saturday, 2nd April 2005 - a beautiful (if windy) sunny day, starting the season off with a bang!!

Robert JulianMusical Director: Town Band
Robert Julian
Christy SmithMusical Director: Junior Band
Christy Smith
Darren SemmensSoprano Cornet
Darren Semmens
Lauren ThomasPrincipal Cornet
Lauren Thomas

Lauren started to play the trumpet when she was in primary school. She played in a number of school and college bands and joined Callington Town Band at the age of 18. She evetually became principal cornet and remained with them until 2013 when she popped over to Saltash Town Band to help out with an engagement and never left!

Lauren has recently completed the BandSafe training through BBE

Matthew EarlySolo Cornet
Matthew Early

Aged 10, Matthew is currently the youngest member of the senior band. Matthew started playing cornet aged 6, following in his brothers footsteps. He played with the Junior Band for 3 years and joined the senior band at the start of 2017. 2 hours is a long time for a small boy to sit through a rehearsal and there was some careful negotiating involved to secure his full attention which now only wavers when he gets to a good bit in his reading book! Matthew also plays cornet with Devon County Youth Brass Band.


Susan HigmanSolo Cornet
Susan Higman

Susan played a Bugle in The Chesham All Girls Band at the age of 7, following her sister learning the other instruments, until she was 10. She then moved to Plymouth where she joined The Plymouth Ambassadors Youth/Show band, where she learnt the trumpet. After 20 years of not playing Susan joined Saltash Town Band and started on Solo cornet and then moved to 3rd cornet. After a short break she moved to Soprano Cornet and is now full circle back to Solo Cornet.

Susan is also involved with our Training Band and has recently completed the BandSafe training through BBE.

Thomas EarlySolo Cornet
Thomas Early

Thomas started playing trumpet when he was 8. He joined the Junior Band in 2013 and was handed a cornet, progressing to solo cornet in the senior band in 2016. He also plays cornet with Devon County Youth Band and is learning to play the piano.

Liz BurfordRepiano Cornet
Liz Burford
Gretchen Melley2nd Cornet
Gretchen Melley
Temujin Townson2nd Cornet
Temujin Townson

Temujin, following his parents footsteps, started learning the cornet with the Junior band in 2017. He started to play with the main band in 2019.

Alfred Thomas3rd Cornet
Alfred Thomas
Demelza Green3rd Cornet
Demelza Green
Jack Halford3rd Cornet
Jack Halford
Lowena Powell-Jones3rd Cornet
Lowena Powell-Jones
Sarah HolmesFlugel
Sarah Holmes
Martyn TownsonSolo Horn
Martyn Townson

Martyn learnt to play the trumpet while still in primary school. Was introduced to banding and the cornet at about 9 with Saltash Town Band and progressed up the Ranks. He spent many years playing for other local bands and has played most instruments from Sop to Bb bass. He met his wife Donna in the Band and now has 3 chidren who so far he has failed to get interested in playing.

Donna Townson1st Horn
Donna Townson

Donna started to learn the cornet with Saltash Town Band in 1987. She is currently playing Horn. Donna met and married her husband Martyn whilst they were both members of Saltash. They have two sons and a daughter.

Mandy Winn2nd Horn
Mandy Winn
Brian Routledge1st Baritone
Brian Routledge
Neythen Powell-Jones2nd Baritone
Neythen Powell-Jones

Neythen started playing baritone in late 2018 at the age of 6. He joined Saltash Training Band in January 2019 and has progressed rapidly into both the full training band and senior band. Neythen has great ambitions and would, if allowed, practise instead of going to school!!

Hannah KinchentonEuphonium
Hannah Kinchenton
Annabelle EarlyEuphonium
Annabelle Early

Annabelle was learning guitar and piano when she got dragged along to Junior Band with Thomas in 2013. She was handed a baritone and her brass career had begun! Annabelle joined the senior band in 2016. She also plays baritone with Devon County Youth Brass Band and plays euphonium in her school orchestra and brass ensemble.

Christy Smith1st Trombone
Christy Smith
Jenny Early2nd Trombone
Jenny Early

Jenny started playing trombone soon after her children joined the Junior Band in 2013, preferring to join in than just be a taxi service.

The Early family progressed into the Town Band in the latter part of 2016 and were pleased to be part of the band when it took second place at the WEBBA Regional Championships in March 2017. We had a lot to learn in a short space of time and we are still learning!

Geoff Hill2nd Trombone
Geoff Hill

Geoff began playing Baritone with Portland Social Centre Band in 1949, where his father was Bandmaster. Progressing to Trombone a few years later at Portsmouth Fire Brigade Band and Southampton Albion Band where he continued his music. Transferring to Liverpool in 1967, he played 2nd Tenor Horn and Cornet with the Cammell Laird Works Band at Birkenhead. On joining Saltash Town Band in 1982, he changed instruments again, this time to Eb Bass. Geoff has stepped in and played Cornet, Horn, Baritone, Side and Bass Drum when needed, but has now returned to his favourite instrument, the Trombone. Now in his 70s he is still one of the Band's regular players.

Ali EllisBass Trombone
Ali Ellis
Bernie RyanEb Bass
Bernie Ryan
Eleanor StylesEb Bass
Eleanor Styles
Keith BurfordBb Bass
Keith Burford

Keith has said his playing was the result of finding something to do after giving up smoking. With his then girlfriend, now wife, playing flute Keith popped into Maestro's to enquire about learning to play and left the proud owner of a Saxophone. With Liz also playing cornet with the band Keith popped along one evening and left clutching an Eb bass. He's now a stalwart member of the Band.


Matthew ThomasBb Bass
Matthew Thomas

From an early age Matt developed outstanding wind but it was not until his late 70's that he learnt to harness these powers through the medium of the long Bb Picolo. Since his career with the German Alpen Horn Society in conjunction with Classic fm and Sesame Street, he has never looked back & has come before us, to stand behind us on his chair at the back of the band

Dillion ChinnPercussion(Kit)
Dillion Chinn
Glenys RookerPercussion(Tuned)
Glenys Rooker

Glenys is a newcomer to the band, and stepped in to provide support in the percussion section. She played the piano as a child, studied music at school and has an eclectic appreciation of music. Whilst playing the glockenspiel she intends to try her hand at a brass instrument. Let's see what happens!

Tony WilsonPercussion(Timps)
Tony Wilson

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- 27/11/20: Lee Moor Christmas Fair

- 06/12/20: Tesco, Lee Mill. Christmas Carols

- 12/12/20: Morrisons Outland Road, Plymouth Christmas Carols.

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