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Tamar Crossings

Tamar Crossings CD

We produced this CD, not only to publicise ourselves and give pleasure to our friends, but to provide funds to help forward planned activities and the healthy future of the Band. This CD is available for £5.00 plus £1.50 p&p


  1. Kirkby Lonsdale, Goff Richards (Studio Music Co) 3:25
  2. May Dance, Goff Richards (Studio Music Co) 3:58
  3. One Moment in Time, arr. F. Bernaerts (Bernaerts Music) 4:55
  4. Watching the Wheat, arr. Henry Geehl (Paxton Music) 3:07 [Euphonium Solo - Roger Fulcher]
  5. Celtic Song, Simon Dobson 3:51
  6. Siberian Light, David Wood 4:28 [Flugel Solo - Mike Elson]
  7. Light as Air, arr. Goff Richards (Studio Music Co) 3:37
  8. Rivers of Babylon, arr. F. Bernaerts (Bernaerts Music) 3:18
  9. My Jesus, My Saviour, arr. Naomi Cornish 4:07
  10. Alpine Holiday, Terry Kenny 3:01
  11. I Will Follow Him, arr. Jan van Kraeydonck (Bernaerts Music) 3:27
  12. March of the Cobblers, Bob Barratt & Edrich Siebert (Studio Music Co) 3:16
  13. Singin' in the Rain, arr. Alan Fernie (Obrasso-Verlag) 4:12
  14. When You Believe, arr. F. Bernaerts (Bernaerts Music) 3:58
  15. Trelawnys Flora, Chris North (PM Sound Music Pub) 2:38
  16. Toccata in D Minor, arr. Jan van Kraeydonck (Bernaerts Music) 4:06

Upcoming Diary Events

- 07/04/18: Mayor of Saltash Charities Concert

- 05/05/18: Saltash MayFair, Parade of Youth and sit down performance

- 09/06/18: Saltash Regatta. March followed by sit down and collect

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